5 Exciting Treks Near Bangalore

The tired and fatigued muscles of the IT employees will surely get some relief from trekking and going for these adventure activities.

  1. The Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura:

The Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura is an ideal location for all the adventure freaks.  Trekking on the Bananthimari hill range is a great experience.


Trekkers can explore this area and find some historical ruins and enjoy the wildlife present here. Some of the activities available here are kayaking, canoeing, recruiting a paddle rat etc.

  1. Ramnagara:

Ramnagara is located at just a distance of 50 km from the IT hub! Besides trekking, Ramanagara also offers a host of adventure activities.

Ramanagara Night

Rock climbing and chimney climbing are also amongst the options. For the water lovers, you can simply go swimming or kayaking.

  1. Kuntibeta Trek:

For people who want to enjoy a unique trekking experience near Bangalore, Kunti Betta is the perfect destination.

Kunti Betta Night Trek

  1. Skandagiri Night Trekking:

The possibility of doing both night and day trek and the beauty that this trail has makes Skandagiri trek one of the popular treks around Bangalore.

Skandagiri Night Trekking

  1. Anthargange Trek:

Anthargange Night trek 18