Getting Familiar With Some Basic Facts About Enjoying Kayak India

The natural diversity of India makes it just the perfect place to enjoy different types of adventure sports and activities. Even though adventure activities like paragliding, cannoning and kayaking are relatively new to the Indian masses, they are becoming extremely popular especially amongst the younger generations of adventure enthusiasts. This is especially true for people seeking kayaking opportunities as India offers some the world’s greatest destinations to enjoy this activity.

Kerala Kayaking, kayaking in india, Kayaking in keralaIn order to make the most of an opportunity to enjoy Kayak India, adventure seekers need to be aware of the following basic facts about the activity.

Type Of Kayaking

India is especially renowned for offering both the primary forms of kayaking namely – river kayaking and sea kayaking. The northern and north-eastern regions have the perfect settings to enable people to enjoy the activity with different levels of difficulty. There are also various destinations down south where adventure enthusiasts can take part in the kayaking activity across the prominent rivers and in mesmerizing natural settings.

Kayaking IndiaIn the North the rapids of rivers Yamuna, Tons, Kalisor, Alaknanda, Bhilangana, Mandakini and Bhagirathi offer a perfect setting for enjoying the sport. The Eastern Ghats and the Cauvery River Basin are the most preferred kayaking destination in South India.

The other most common form of kayaking is sea kayaking which can be enjoyed in the exotic destination of Goa in India. Countless adventure tour operators organize regular sea kayaing events to accommodate the large number of people, who want to enjoy the activity in a safe and fun filled manner.

Kayak IndiaJust like river kayaking, sea kayaking also has varying levels of difficulty and the participants can choose an event that offers the difficulty level they are most comfortable with. It advisable for the participants to enquire about Kayaking in Goa price, especially if they are taking part in this activity for the first time and even if they have prior experience in river kayaking.

Goa Kayaking Online Book

Best Time To Enjoy Kayaking

Given the climatic diversity of the regions where people can enjoy kayaking in India, it is not possible to define a set time period that is most appropriate for this activity. In most Himalayan regions up North the best time to enjoy the sport is between October to April expect for the Ladakh and other upper reaches of the Himalayas, where the perfect time is from June to September. However, down South, the activity can be enjoyed all the year round except the monsoon season which typically falls between June to September.

Kayaking in Goa

Sea kayaking can be enjoyed almost round the year although most tour operators’ advice against venturing into the sea during the monsoon months. Adventure enthusiasts generally opt for Goa kayaking online book to avoid any disappointments at a later stage. This also helps the participants to plan their trip in a better manner and fill up any extra time with other adventure activities being offered in the region.


With portals such as 365Hops, the process of making online bookings for such an event is extremely simple and stress free. The portal offers information about the Kayaking events being organized by renowned tour operators across the country along with their price and duration.


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