Adventure Trekking Around Bangalore – A Great Option For People Seeking Some Thrill And Fun

Adventure Trekking Around Bangalore – A Great Option For People Seeking Some Thrill And Fun

Discussed below are the 8 most popular places to enjoy trekking near Bangalore that promise a completely awesome experience.

  1. Manchanabele Dam Trip Near Bangalore

Set amidst dense vegetation and having the Manchinbele dam as its backdrop,

Manchanabele Camping

Whether the participants opt for a day or a night trek in Manchinbele, they can be sure of having a great time full of fun and excitement.

  1. Kunti Betta Night Trek With Water Activities

Apart from the fun of day trekking, participants can also enjoy the awesome experience of Kunti Betta night trek which enables them to gain a completely different outlook of the region and its beauty.

kunti betta night trek

Apart from individual adventure seekers, the number of people opting for corporate group outing at Kunti Betta, has also been on the rise.

  1. Skandagiri Night Trekking

sunrise Skandagiri trek

The Skandagiri trek proves to be an extremely enthralling experience for most participants.

  1. Anthargange Night Trekking

Day Outing at Anthargange

The Anthargange night trekking is as exciting and enthralling as the day trip. Not many people are aware of the fact that night trekking in the region was prohibited until quite recently.

  1. Ramamanagra Day Trek

Ramanagara Hills

The Ramanagara trek can be enjoyed both during the day and night times, with each options providing an exclusive experience to the participants.

  1. Nature Adventure Camp In Kanakpura With Water Sports

Kanakapura Camp

Opting for the nature adventure camp in Kanakapura roves to be a complete adventure and entertainment package in itself.

  1. Lifetrees Adventure Camps Nandi Hills

Lifetrees Adventure Camps Nandi Hills

Spending a day and a night enjoying Nandi Hills camping is a truly awe-inspiring experience.

  1. Savandurga Night Trek

Savandurga Fort trekking

The Savandurga trek offers the participants with a unique opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature at close quarters.  Top 8 night trekking destinations that you must visit once in a lifetime.