Discover Nelong Valley An Affair To Remember Forever

Discover Nelong Valley An Affair To Remember Forever

The Nelong Valley is one of the most enchanting valleys and is the hidden treasure of Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand. The most amazing fact about this valley is that the climate, as well as the landscape of the Nelong Valley, is similar to the cold desert of Ladakh.

Nelong Valley Tour Uttarkashi

Why Choose The Nelong Valley Tour Uttarkashi?

Nelong Valley

Nelong Valley Uttarkashi

Nelong Valley Tour Uttarkashi


Important Information And  Facts That You Must Know:

  • The valley comes under the jurisdiction of the Gangotri National Park and only the vehicles of the forest department are allowed to enter the premises of the valley. However, not more than 6 vehicles are permitted inside the Nelong
  • The tourists must carry the food, water as well as some snacks with them as you will not find anything edible in the Nelong
  • The days are usually pleasant in the Nelong Valley while the nights are extremely cold, so a proper clothing is required.
  • For a visit to the Nelong Valley, you should consider your stay in the Gangotri, Bhairon Ghati, Dharali or Harsil.

Nelong Valley Tour Uttarkashi

The Final Thoughts

For the adventure enthusiasts, the Nelong Valley is the hidden Ladakh situated in Uttarakhand.


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