Velas Famous For The Olive Ridley Turtle Population

Turtle Festival Tour Velas

After opening eyes slowly –

T (turtle) – “Where am I?”

H (human) – “Hello little fellow, Welcome to this world”

T – “Oh! Thank you, who are you? And why are so many people surrounding and shouting at me?”

H – “I am a Human baby. They are cheering for the beginning of your life and wishing you good luck”

T – “But even you are a baby, then why aren’t they cheering you?”

H – “I am common everywhere, 4 humans take birth every second. You are an endangered species. People have travelled miles, leaving their busy schedule just to see you, because you are rare.”

Velas Turtle Festival 2017

img_2005 img_2009 img_2018 img_2029 img_2049 img_2050 img_2055 img_2072 img_2073 img_2085 img_2118 img_2127 img_2129 img_2132 img_2135 img_2164 img_2197 img_2209 img_6990 img_7001 img_7067 img-20160418-wa0009 img-20160418-wa0014 img-20160418-wa0024 img-20160418-wa0038 img-20160418-wa0076


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