An All New Way From Myagdi To Mustang For Trekking

The mountains provide for an exquisite backdrops form some great photos and a memorable outdoor adventure experience for one and all. This is because of the topography and the resulting climate, that one can have the most diverse of experiences while being outdoors. One such activity which can help you meeting the mountain, eye to eye, is trekking. Although a whole world of hills, peaks, and highlands are scattered all across the face of the earth, it is the mighty Himalayas to which the trekkers look up to, whenever an enjoyable and daunting trekking experience is the ask.

New trekking route in Mustang

The now democratic state of Nepal is literally situated in the lap of the Himalayas, and the capital city of Kathmandu is the base camp to numerous trekking routes and trails. The hike up to the summit of the mighty Sagarmatha, or Mount Everest as the world knows it, is a prominent one. One of the lesser known trekking trails in the region is the newly constructed trail which connects two major administrative districts in Nepal – Mustang and Myagadi.

Mustang For Trekking

This new route to trek from the Myagadi to the Mustang districts in Nepal is one of the most enjoyable trekking trails which the country has to offer. This is because the trekking trails cross the mighty Himalayan stream of Kali Gandaki, a tributary of the Ganges running through Nepal. The route is hence trodden with a lavish display of local flora and fauna, mesmerizing streams , all of which contribute as a superb backdrop for some great snaps, and a pleasurable experience for trekkers in the region.

The trek route which has come up was to ease the disruption and disturbance caused to the Annapurna trekking circuit, owing to the traffic and congestion on the main trekking route. The Annapurna trekking circuit is a trek which spans across 20 days, the highlight being a chance to view the Annapurna massif. The Beni to Jomson road which was constructed earlier to ease the movement of vehicular traffic in the area has had a deprecating effect in terms of the trekkers visiting the area. As reported by the officials, there has been an observed decrease of almost 50 percent in the number of trekkers visiting the area, post the road’s construction. The new trekking route is hence expected to bring in more tourists to the area, and get it back on the map of tourism in Nepal.


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