Day Trek To Kalsubai Peak

Day Trek To Kalsubai Peak

The thrill and adventure of a trek cannot be explained but only experienced and the day trek to Kalsubai peak is the best way to start. Located in the Shayadri mountain range, the Kalsubai peak trek takes the participants to the ancient temple of the same name perched on the top.

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Kalasubai Kalasubai_from_base Kalasubai_steps Kalasubai_top_temple 75582_1049301705120974_4102428079729402686_n Kalsubai Peak 1237573_1049301678454310_4992328117907821113_n 1913878_1049301735120971_6125259017794617255_n 1917148_1049301651787646_2491988377951013194_n 1937063_1049301761787635_5866454235979224281_n 10262260_1049301548454323_9101159456550762693_n 10406657_1049301491787662_2823134677747913997_n 12366230_1049301631787648_8864400549876177349_n Day trek to Kalsubai hqdefault kal3 Kalsubai, highest peak in Maharashtra kalsubaifinalladder Klasubai trek - kalsubai 9 Peak_of_Kalsubai_in_late_evening


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