Sandhan Valley Trek

Sandhan Valley Full Descending Trek

The Sandhan Valley trek is classified to have difficulty level of medium to high. It takes around 5 to 6 hours to complete the entire trek which also includes rappelling across a waterfall and a pool of water. This is definitely the most enthralling aspect of the entire trek as the joy of gradually sliding down the waterfall is totally unparalleled and makes the trekkers feel truly awesome.

Sandhan Valley – A Trekkers Dream

1661123_889414861156441_8714458867086330764_n 1937167_889412354490025_2727465500351335713_n 10501702_889413157823278_2861965566612439120_n 12321154_889414597823134_2234093550427092750_n 12373298_889412997823294_1277251585189442976_n 12391925_889414571156470_5357554246781704491_n on the way to sandhan valley trek SANDHAN VALLEY FULL DESCEND TREK SANDHAN VALLEY FULL DESCEND TREK_1 sandhan valley trek in india sandhan valley trek in mumbai sandhan valley trek india sandhan valley trek mumbai india sandhan valley trek mumbai sandhan valley trek near mumbai sandhan valley trek trek to sandhan valley near mumbai trek to sandhan valleySandhan Valley Trek 1452408_889412271156700_5755780966290477389_n 11046495_889412824489978_9096558587878249646_n 12369205_889412907823303_3941042438465334687_n


4 thoughts on “Sandhan Valley Trek

  1. A marvellous post consisting of eye-striking pictures that depict clearly about a trek to Sandhan Valley. Many of your readers who may be a die-hard trekker will fall in love with your post. Thanks a lot for sharing beautiful clicks and sharing details via photographs.

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