Lakeside Camping At Bhandardara

Lakeside Camping At Bhandardara

When in Mumbai and looking for a short but wild adventure, lakeside camping at Bhandardhara is ideal. Being located in the vicinity of a local hill station-‘Igatpuri’, this pristine water reservoir is thronged by campers for overnight stays under the stars, along its beautiful banks.

Camping at Bhandardara Maharashtra Bhandardara-Camping Bhandardara-Camping-3DCIM109GOPROG1222834.Bhandardhara camping mumbai indiaBhandardhara camping mumbai Bhandardhara camping Bonfire Camping-at-Bhandardara---Maharashtra-3 camping-under-the-blanket-of-stars-bhandardara DSC_0139-1-400x300DCIM101GOPROLakeside Camping At Bhandardara lakeside-camping-at-bhandardara


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