Enjoy The Thrill Of Skiing At The Most Beautiful Hill Station In India

Shimla, the capital city of the Indian hill state of Himachal Pradesh is renowned for its natural beauty. In addition to being one of the most picturesque hill stations in India, the city is also a hub for carrying out a wide range of adventure activities including trekking, river rafting and of course skiing. In fact, the tradition of skiing is Shimla was started by the Britishers, making it one of the oldest adventure activities available in the city.

skiing is Shimla

There are several places in Shimla where skiers can enjoy their favorite activity in an exciting and thrilling manner. These primarily include Kufri, Mashobra and Narkanda. The fun of gliding over the smooth ice is extremely relaxing and refreshing for the participants, who flock these destinations in large numbers. Kufri, which is located just 13 kms away from the main city, is one of the best places to enjoy snow skiing in India and is often referred to as the skier’s paradise.

snow skiing in India

Shimla is known as a destination where people can enjoy both Alpine and Nordic forms of skiing in India. Alpine skiing is fun filled and exciting in its own way and generally involves racing down the steep snow clad slopes prepared for the adventure. On the other hand Nordic skiing is definitely more adventures and thrilling as it requires the participants to ski-jump from elevated heights and also take part is cross –country events.

skiing in India

In order to enjoy a truly enthralling skiing trip in Shimla, participants should check out the weather conditions of the region before the trip. They should also carry appropriate clothing and gear including ski goggles, jackets, helmets etc. to remain safe. Participants can also book the services of ski guides and avail basic training facilities to enjoy the sport.

Exact Location: Shimla is located at a distance of 363kms from Delhi

Main Skiing Destinations: Kufri, Mashobra and Narkanda

Skiing Options Available: Alpine and Nordic

Best Time to Visit: January to March


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