Important Facts That Participants of Rupin Pass Trek Should Be Aware Of

Rupin Pass is known to be one of the most exciting and surprising trekking trails not only in Uttarakhand but across India. The high altitude trek is considered to provide a unique and memorable experience to participants besides enabling them to behold some of the most picturesque and mesmerizing sceneries that nature has to offer. However, in order to fully enjoy the experience of Rupin Pass trek, the participants should be aware of the following facts.

Rupin Pass Treks

  1. Unlike other trails where the altitude generally rises in a gradual manner, the trail of this trek starts to climb almost immediately after the base camp of Dhaula.
  1. The landscape is dotted with several mesmerizing sights that tend to leave the participants gaping in awe. These include the countless colorful Rhododendrons dotting thousands of feet of sloping terrain just past Buras Kandi. The three stage Rupin waterfalls which seem to be falling from the clouds, at the end of the U shaped Rupin glacial valley presents and equally beautiful sight.
  1. As is common with most high altitude trails for trekking in Uttarakhand, the weather of Rupin Pass is also unpredictable. In fact, the higher regions of the trek are almost always covered with snow and even a slight change in atmospheric pressure or shifting of winds can lead to fresh rains and snowfall.
  1. It is quite common for participants to suffer from minor injuries such as leg sprains cuts or bruises during the course of the trek. These injuries are easily manageable and do not really hamper the trekking trip to a great extent.
  1. In case of medical emergencies, evacuation of the participants might be done with the help of porters who carry down the ailing participant on a stretcher. This is generally a slow process and is used only in cases like fractures and bone dislocation.
  1. The only reliable means of communication are the walkie-talkies as most mobile networks start fail at such high altitudes.

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