All About Indulging in Trekking in Mount Abu

Trekking is one of those activities which add a great quantum of fun to the holidays when planned with family and friends. The trekking in Mount Abu is famous across the world because of the intrinsic beauty which the trekking trails possess here. The bunch of tourists who are an ardent admirer of natural beauty and also harbour a zeal for adventure, then trekking in the ranges of Mount Abu is the best thing they can have. The flora as well as fauna present here is incredible; one look is enough to mesmerize the onlookers.

trekking in Mount AbuThere are more than seventeen trekking trails here in Mount Abu. The best way to enjoy trekking in the trails of Mount Abu is by going for a Mt. Abu trekking camp. When one indulges in camping here, one can take a spectacular view of the grasslands and water bodies which are present on the trails. When you indulge in trekking in the jungles of Mount Abu, the sight of the sun rise and sun set can steal away anyone’s heart. Trekking here, you can view the diversity in the topography present in the mountains situated in different positions within the range of mountains.

In the trekking trails of Mt. Abu one can view the cavities which have been carved in the igneous rocks due to the wind erosion which happens in this location. Trekking in these cavities is an amazing experience for the first time trekkers. The sunset point which is situated at the top of the mountain gives a crystal clear view to the tourists. Even some benches have been kept in and around the sunset point, so that the trekkers can enjoy.

Mt. Abu trekking campWhile trekking, you can also take a view of Davangan Valley, Koder Point and Boyley’s walk which is situated in the trekking trails. Apart from trekking in the mountain ranges of Mt. Abu, one can also enjoy adventure activities such as rappelling, rock climbing and bird watching here. The fascination of finding trekking route by climbing rocks is just beyond words to express.


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