Things to Do in Savandurga Trek

The trek Savandurga is synonymous with serenity and luxurious natural beauty. The Savandurga trek is situated at a distance of 52 km from Bangalore at an elevation of 1226 m above the sea level. This trek is comprised of two hills- BiliBetta hill and KariBetta hill. This is a fine spot for those who search for places for trekking near Bangalore. This trek is celebrated as the perfect weekend getaway. Here are some of the enticing activities you can do in the Savandurga night trek.

Take a look:

Savandurga Trek

  1. Trekking

One can do trekking here at own or even hire guides for assistance in trekking in this trek. The painted marks in colors of yellow and white are done to show the directions to the trekkers. One can trek up and reach down in a span of five hours. At the top there is a stone carving of Lord Hanumana and a Nandi temple.

Rock climbing in Savandurga

  1. Rock climbing

The presence of huge rocky structures on this trek inspires adventure enthusiasts to indulge in rock climbing on this trek. A lot of companies organize rock climbing camps on this trek. You can either participate with them or try on your own. The rock climbing can be done in a single day.

Nature walks in Savandurga

  1. Nature walks

This trek is tagged as Nature’s paradise due to the dense cover of rich flora which envelops it. This place also has medicinal plants and a rich habitat of animals. The River Arkavathi which flows here add to the beauty of the place.

  1. Cycling

For those who tag themselves as cycling enthusiasts, this trek can be considered as a haven for you. One can easily cycle from Bangalore and reach the Savandurga trek. One can reach each of the prime places at this trek such as Big Banyan tree and Manchanabele dam all on cycle. The cycling routes are easily available on the web. Just grab a copy of the same and go cycling.


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