Top 10 Exciting Getaways Near Delhi

Delhi, the capital, is undoubtedly an extremely fast pacing city. The life that Delhiites are leading now-a-days seems to be more hectic as well as busier than ever. Everyone keeps so busy in their daily chores that they do not have ample time to enjoy being alive. It’s only on weekends can they think about bringing some fun and frolic in their lives. Getting engaged in some adventurous activities attract people of Delhi widely. For them it is certainly entertaining and relaxing at the same time. If you are one of those adventure-loving souls who are finding the best place to enjoy camping, trekking, rafting near Delhi, read on about some happening places that do not eat up so much of time while travelling and satisfy your souls wonderfully.


Jaipur: This renowned pink city enchants the visitors with its royalty and grandeur. The enriching historical background of India which people get to learn from here makes this city worth visiting and spending your leisure at. The distance that the city has from Delhi i.e. 260 Kms can easily be covered by your personal vehicle in few hours.

What attracts here: Elephant ride in Jaipur– Jaigarh, Nahargarh and Amber fort, Jal and Hawa Mahal, the musical show, astonishing variety of wild animals in Chidiyaghar, chowki Dhaani, etc.

Chinmaya Tapovan

Dharamshala: The place 486 Kms away from the capital region can be considered to be one of the best perfect holiday spots. It is a lively yet peaceful place. The cool air, deodar forests, number of small streams, colonial lifestyle that you can enjoy here is worth giving precious time of yours. And for adventurous people the place has got lot of activities in offering. Indulging in trekking, mountaineering, fishing, etc. here had never been such a great fun.

Dal lake, Dharamsala

What attracts here: mesmerizing natural beauty, Dal Lake, McLeodganj- the residence of Dalai Lama, ancient temples, tempting shopping market, War Memorial, varied adventurous sports and activities.

Bhulla Lake

Lansdowne: Approximately 245 Kms from Delhi, this place laden with extreme Himalayan beauty has already won umpteen hearts. Nature-lovers can gratify their souls by viewing wonderful natural sceneries of forests and mountains and sports lovers can take delight in trekking, boating, etc.

What attracts here: Tourist spots like Bhulla Lake, Tip in Top, Jungle Safari, St. Mary’s Church, and snow covered peaks are all spectacular ones.

Shoghi: At a distance of 315 Kms from Delhi and 13 Kms before Shimla, Shoghi is an offbeat vacation spot that has started attracting a lot of travelers. Beauty of this place definitely tends to mesmerize every visitor. Weekend spent there will be listed among the most relaxing ones.

What attracts here: Serenity and natural splendor of the place.

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett: This National park positioned in Uttarakhand, at a distance of just 235 Kms away from Delhi, lets you visualize such assortment of flora and fauna that will fill your hearts with both thrill and pleasure. All wild animals can be seen wandering here and there around you but the jeep that will be taking you to the park will not let them harm you anyhow. There you can arrive with an ease. Furthermore, you stand a fair chance to look right into the eyes of our national animal, the fierce tiger.

What attracts here: Waterfalls, wildlife, Jhirma, Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett

Neemrana Fort

Neemrana: This tourist spot that is only at a distance of 122 Kms from Delhi is the perfect holiday retreat both in terms of its proximity from Delhi and the sports that are offered here in the openness of nature. The Neemrana Fort Palace holds captivating greatness that pleases well the onlookers. Here, sports and activities like swimming, zip-lining, etc. can be simply reveled in. Interestingly, you can opt to visit the place riding your own bikes as well.

What attracts here: The great Neemrana Fort Palace along with national park, lake, Bala Qila, etc.


Nainital: Just 278 Kms away from Delhi, full of number of widely spread striking and magnificent lakes; the place has got irresistible natural scenic beauty. Excitingly, not only are the lakes spectacular here but the temples as well are worth seeing. Furthermore, the sports like paragliding, camping, etc. give this place adventurous touch too.

Nainital Adventure Camp

What attracts here: Nature disclosing at its best, hefty snowfall, lakes called as ‘taals’, wish fulfilling temples, zoo, and great market, Nainital Adventure Camp

Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake: An unexplored, marvelously adventurous spot just at a distance of 50 kms from Delhi where miscellaneous resorts provide you options to have a wonderful picnic. You can enjoy activities such as river boating, rock climbing, other group sports like tug of war, etc. at damn reasonable rates. Moreover, it is the nearest place where you can have a pleasure of trekking near Delhi.

What attracts here: Waterbanks Damdama Lake, Natural calmness, sundry kinds of exciting sports, rational pricing.

Camp Roxx

Kangojodi: Located at highway called nahan-shimla, this place is only 275 Kms away from the capital region which makes it quite simpler to arrive at. Here, you can make choices to either relax and have fun in the lap of nature or just go for adventurous activities at the camp Roxx. Surely, the place provides for the best camping near Delhi.

What attracts here: Quite a serene and relaxing place away from hustle-bustle of cities.

Rishikesh: Just 230 Kms away from Delhi, this is a perfect place that you can visit on weekends. This place will not only cater to your adventurous needs but also your spiritual soul. Located right at the foot of Himalayas, this destination is very simple to reach at. Better choose to travel by your car enjoying the ride with your friends or family. Sports that can be enjoyed here include white water rafting, bungee jumping, and many more. Additionally, here you can fall simply in love and go crazy with the best way of reveling in kayaking and other such games. Rishikesh is considered, and is rightly been so, the best trekking place near Delhi.

What attracts here: White Water Rafting in Rishikesh, ancient temples, Lakshmana and Rama jhoola, all adventurous sports.

So, if you are planning to make your weekends exciting and fulfilling without tiring yourself with long distant travelling, these will prove to be the best time-pass places for the cause. Choose any of the destinations to enjoy miraculous moments along with your loved ones.


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