A fun-filled Adventure at the Bheemeshwari Adventure Camp

The Bheemeshwari camping in Bangalore, Karnataka is a perfect and fun filled holiday outing. Whether you want to spend a day out with your family or friends, the Bheemeshwari camp will relieve all your stress and will deliver a completely different experience. The camping meets the River Cauveri, which is one of the majestic rivers in the country. Bheemeshwari adventure camping will delight you with the wonderful blending of nature, river and landscapes that you wouldn’t take your eyes off.

The camping is an action packed adventurous journey that will take you to the water zorbing, archery, shooting, rope walking, zip line, kayaking, etc. You can also spot out the wildlife creatures including elephants, crocodiles, turtles, deer, snakes and more than 200 bird species at the camp. Besides, you can play team activities, games and enjoy the swimming pool with your group and have lots of eatables.

To enjoy your day at the Bheemeshwari adventure camp, you’ll need to take all the necessary things such as extra clothing, sports shoes, sunscreen lotion, water bottle, camera, cap and sportswear.

Best time to visit the camp

The best time to enjoy the Bheemeshwari adventure camp is after the monsoons, i.e. between August and February because the river looks fluid and the forests are much alive then. You can enjoy bird watching, fishing and get to meet several birds that time of the year.

How to reach the Bheemeshwari nature camp?

Bheemeshwari is around 100 kms from Bangalore via the Kanakpura- Kollegal highway. You can either hire a cab to go via bus.

So if you are planning for a weekend out with your group then the trip to Bheemeshwari will be an ideal way to get the right experience delivered. The camp offers a fully pleasant and entertaining experience to flush the stress out of you.


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