Learning About the Kind of Clothes to Wear While Paragliding in Billing

Paragliding is one of those adventure activities that require participants to undergo extensive training before they can enjoy the activity. However, once trained, the thrill of soaring across the skies, makes up for every drop of sweat shed during the training phase by the participants. With Bir Billing known as the haven for para-gliders in India, it is not surprising that gliding enthusiasts throng this little known region of Himachal Pradesh every year to enjoy their favorite activity.

Paragliding in bir billingWith numerous experts offering training and tours for paragliding in Billing, it is easy to say that the participants can be assured of a safe and enjoyable adventure. However, the one important aspect that is generally overlooked by most participants is the type of clothes they need to wear during the activity. The choice of right attire plays an important role in ensuring that the participants enjoy a totally enthralling and risk free gliding trip.

Barot valley in HimachalAs for the clothing it is advisable to wear layers of light but warm shirts with a good wind sheet to cover them. Billing paragliding participants should avoid wearing thick and heavy garments as such attire can hinder intense activities such as walking up the hill. Multiple layers of thin clothing not only make it easy for the participants to perform these activities but also keep the chill at bay.

It is good idea to wear a pair of warm slacks and tight fitting trousers. Using waterproof overalls is also suggested to keep the participants dry in case they are hit by a rain shower. In addition, the overalls also help in covering any loose piece of clothing and prevent it from getting stuck in any part of gilder putting the life of the participants in great danger.

In addition to the above, the participants should also wear a pair of comfortably fitting shoes preferably the ones used for trekking. A pair of gloves might also come in handy to counter cold weather.


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