Trekking in India- Difference between Trekking and Hiking

Often used interchangeably or mistakenly for the same activities, both trekking and hiking are the forms of adventure involving physical activities including walking, climbing and so on. The only similarity apart from trekking and hiking has more than one difference. Hiking usually involves traversing defined locations in man-made trails or paths in scenic locations and is a form of recreational activity while trekking is not necessarily recreational and can be done for pure adventure among the undefined rougher terrains.

Trekking in IndiaSince hiking involves defined paths all you need for a successful hike is a good pair of hiking shoes, a bottle of water, a walking pole and a compass to find the way. But trekkers on the other hand don’t necessarily take the same route every time even if their destinations are similar. So for a trekking trip one needs to carry basic amenities, water, glucose, compass, torch, camping gear, medicines and everything that one needs on a day-to-day basis and hence requires meticulous planning. This way, trekking doesn’t have a significant impact on the natural environment whereas hiking on the same path leads to degradation of the environment around due to overuse over a period of time.

The Himalayas TrekkingAnd hence comparatively due to unforeseen thrill, trekking provides a more fulfilling experience than the hike though hiking is no less. For the pure adventurers, adventure Himalaya trekking is one of the most sought after places for trekking in India. The four thousand odd kilometers of the wild highest mountains and deepest valleys with minimal population and one of the best biodiversity in the world offers a spectacular trekking experience. The best time to trek in the Himalaya is from the month of April through September before the winter snow starts pouring.


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