Rafting at Kolad – The only river rafting in India operating all round the year

Situated, 140 Kilometers from Mumbai and 110 Kilometers from Pune off the Kolad Mulshi road, Kolad today is a hotspot for white water river rafting and other adventure centric activities. Rafting at Kolad can be done at anytime during the year since it is the only place in India open year-round. Rafting operators with the highest safety standards operate professionally run rafting units for river rafting in Kolad.

river rafting at Kolad

Rafting in Kolad makes for an excellent adventure for both beginners and experienced rafters with ten grade 2 and 3 rapids on offer. The rafting is done on a 13 Km stretch on the River Kundalika and is dam-controlled. Kolad River rafting is done with rapids generated by the water released from the dam and is therefore done at specified times. Depending on the flow of water, the rafting takes about one hour and forty five minutes.

rafting in Kolad

Kolad’s proximity to Mumbai and Pune makes for an excellent short weekend get-away from the pressures of the work week. Several small and great resorts have emerged in the area offering visitors a cozy, comfortable stay, great food and limitless adventure combined with the picturesque appearance in the surroundings making for a pleasant and memorable holiday.

river rafting in Kolad

Minimum age limit for a person to undertake rafting is 13 years and people with high blood pressure, heart conditions, respiratory problems or other medical conditions are requested to consult a doctor before undertaking the trip. Comfortable clothes and footwear one wouldn’t mind getting wet in is to be worn. Helmets and life-jackets are provided for safety by the operators and are guided by trained and experienced rafting guides.


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