Pushkar Royal Safari Camp – Experience the Unique Taste of Desert Life

Pushkar is a small town in the Ajmer district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Situated 14 kilometers in Northwest to Ajmer, it is a pilgrimage site and is one of the five sacred dhams for the Hindus. The town is built around the Pushkar Lake, a holy cake said to have been formed when Lord Brahma dropped a Lotus flower.

Pushkar adventure desert camp

Besides pilgrimage, there are a number of other activities to add to Pushkar’s charms. One of the most famous activities in Pushkar is the Pushkar royal safari camp. It is a premiere tented accommodation with Swiss style tented camps for the tourists. The tents are decked with all kinds of comforts and offer tourists a desert stay experience as the camps are situated in the sand dunes. Camel safari, breakfast and dinner, Rajasthani traditional Kalbeliya dance, and bonfire are some of the features offered by the camp in Pushkar. Sleeping under the stars if desired and waking up to the mesmerizing sunrise over the desert is a lovely experience.

Pushkar royal safari camp

The Pushkar village is surrounded by Aravalli hills. The Camel rides give visitors a chance to explore the great Indian Thar Desert providing with a unique taste of the lifestyle in the region and a chance to view sunrise and sunsets. Also, the jeep safari makes for an excellent adventure in Pushkar adventure desert camp. The special folk music and cultural dance performances, the traditional Rajasthani cuisines and the friendly people make for a perfect holiday experience.

Pushkar camping

The camps and the tents are customized and designed with comfort, necessities of visitors and style in mind. During the month of October/November, ten days after Diwali, Pushkar fair camp takes place here. It is one of the best times of the year to visit Pushkar and camp.


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