Bheemeshwari camping – Experience life nestled in the Cauvery banks – tucked away from milling crowd

Located at a distance of about 100 Kilometers from the city of Bangalore, Bheemeshwari is a great place for trekking, sightseeing, mountain cycling, water rafting, kayaking, camping and other adventures. The place is blessed with a spectacular landscape and natural beauty and is located on the banks of the river Cauvery and in the midst of dense forests. It is a hotspot for tourists visiting Bangalore.

Bheemeshwari Camping

Bheemeshwari camp is tucked away from the milling crowd and yet is accessible easily. Bheemeshwari adventure camp offers a slice of nature that is unique and offers an adventurous thrill amidst green surroundings and ample wildlife. To add to the natural beauty, the area is also filled with over two hundred varieties of bird species, and a host of diverse wildlife ranging from deers, jackals, and elephants to leopards, tigers and the elusive grizzled giant squirrel.


Bheemeshwari camping also offers excellent fishing opportunities. The place is famous for Mahseer, a fish variety special to the area and can weigh over 100 pounds. The months of November through February are the best season for fishing in this camp. The safety of stay is not an issue as there are forest guards on the lookout enabling a wonderful camping experience in the riverside wilderness.

Adventure in Bheemeshwari

Pick up from a pick up point, commute to the site and a welcome drink are provided by the operators to start with. After which, activities such as water zorbing, archery, shooting are conducted until lunch time. After lunch, team building activities, indoor and outdoor games and swimming activities are performed. People are advised to bring sports shoes, spare clothing, hat, sunscreen, sportswear, water bottles, medicines prescribed and optionally cameras.


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