5 Essential tips for river Rafting in Rishikesh

Rishikesh river rafting is one of the incredible adventure sport that any adventure enthusiast can experience in the country. The charm and thrill of stroking waters in the Ganges is simply extraordinary. The element of fun is same for both the beginners as well as regular rafters. Mentioned below are some of the essential tips that you must consider while indulging in river rafting in Rishikesh:

river rafting in rishikesh

  1. Never indulge in rafting alone

Rafting should never be done when you are alone. If you happen to be a beginner rafter, then alone rafting is a big No. For newbie rafters, the company of experienced rafters is a must to ensure safety. In case, you are experienced rafter, then also go with experienced rafters for enjoying rafting. Moreover, rafting is a group activity and is enjoyed best with other people around.

Rishikesh river rafting

  1. Analyses yourself

By analyzing yourself, we mean understanding your physical limitations. You must analyze your bodily features, before taking up rafting. Ask questions to yourself, such as, whether you know swimming, or whether you can easily manage upper body exercises or whether you are sure you want to try your hands on water rafting.

  1. Dress in comfortable outfit

When going for river rafting Rishikesh, make sure you are aptly dressed up in layers. By getting dressed up in layers, there is less difficulty in adding or discarding articles. For your outfit, pick synthetic materials such as polyester or wool, which keep the body warm inside.

rafting in rishikesh

  1. Prepare in advance

One must make preparations in advance in accordance with the rafting rapid which one selects. If you are choosing some extreme rapids, then make sure you are an expert swimmer. Also take guidance from rafting instructors a day before the rafting day. They will guide you the rapid which can be best for you.

river rafting in rishikesh

  1. Carry what is essential

You must carry medical items that you might need such as inhalers, insulin or any particular medicine. Also carry a bag to safe keep your belongings such as mobile phones and wallets.


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