Kunti Betta Night Trekking – Unwind the thrill of the Nocturnal trek

Situated in Pandavapura of Mandya district, 125 Kilometers from Bangalore, Kunti Betta are two hills surrounded by coconut trees, sugarcane and paddy fields. The place derived its name from Mahabaratha were it is said that Kunti, the Pandavas mother stayed here in during their exile. The foothill of the hill has a temple and a pond which makes the place a popular pilgrimage destination. Apart from this, Kunti Betta is also a perfect trekking destination offering both day trek and night trek opportunities.

night trekking

Kunti Betta trekking starts from the pond and is a steep uphill climb offering rock climbing, and traversing through dense vegetation. The initial inclination of the climb is around sixty degrees and careful climbing on the slope is required. As you go up, a fascinating view of the Kunti Kund becomes visible. Parikarma point, at the top of the hill offers a view of strange rock shapes on the adjoined hill which is believed to be the utensils of the Pandavas. Thonnur Lake, ten kilometers from Kunti Betta, serves as water source for many surrounding villages and is prime place for water sports like water board, swimming and kayaking.

Kunti Betta night trekking

Night trekking

Kunti Betta night trekking is another important feature of the Kunti Betta Adventure. The most fascinating thing about the night trek in Kunti Betta is the breathtaking view of sunrise. Camping overnight with bonfire and while descending, water activities in Thonnur Lake are a part of the itinerary offered by organizers. Instructions about the trekking are provided by the trek guide before the trek. Trekkers are generally advised to eat light before the climb, carry essentials and wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Kunti Betta trekking


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