Scuba diving in Goa Cost – Experience of a lifetime at affordable costs

Abundant with fascinating tinted corals, stunning vibrant fishes and shells, Scuba diving in Goa is unforgettable and is the experience of a lifetime. Goa has several diving locations catering to tourists ranging from beginners to professional divers. Some sites are intended for both amateurs and professionals while some sites with brawny currents and a few challenges are intended only for professional divers.

scuba diving in Goa cost

Goa has surprised and amazed divers and organizers alike with its ever changing water environment and aquatic life. Grand Island, Sao Jorge Island are one of the main places hosting dive sites ranging from calm, sandy bays to challenging pinnacles to exciting shipwrecks and beautiful coral fields. The underwater visibility in Goa id slightly lesser comparatively but that doesn’t take anything away from the overall experience.

scuba diving in Goa

Scuba diving in Goa cost is usually charged on a daily basis. The costs vary according to the places, the level of diving and the type of diving. On a daily dive trip typically a guided boat dive, full dive equipments, and snacks are provided. Site preferences are accommodated according to the divers’ choice as much as possible and pre-booking is required. Suzy’s shipwreck, Sail rock, Davy Jones Locker, Umma Gumma Reef, Lobster Avenue, Shelter cove, The Jetty are few of the most famous dive sites in Goa.

Netrani Islands, also called the Pigeon Islands offer a superlating diving experience owing to the clear waters and rich marine life. It is located 220 Km away from Goa and requires official permit and passport proofs for foreigners and government identity proofs for Indian citizens. Scuba diving expenditures to this Island is one of the most expensive. The price includes providing dive equipment, refreshments and pool and boat charges.


3 thoughts on “Scuba diving in Goa Cost – Experience of a lifetime at affordable costs

  1. Absolutely surreal. I would love to do this one day. I just got back from a dive trip to Chuuk – it was gorgeous! Check out my blog if you’d like 😉 Cheers from Guam! x


  2. I have just performed scuba diving around five days ago in goa through sea water sports, they provide very good services and they also take photos and video underwater for free of coast. The offers of scuba diving are also very cheap and there main motive is your safety. Thanks to sea water sports.


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