Bungee jumping India – Experience the thrill of a lifetime!

Bungee jumping involves jumping from high platforms such as cranes, building, or bridge which are fixed structures while connected to a large elastic cord. More adventurous experiences involve jumping from moving objects such as parachutes, helicopter or a hot air balloon. Bungee jumping involves free falling and rebound and repeated oscillation until the elastic cord exhausts itself.bungee jumping in indiaBungee jumping in Rishikesh offers the first Giant swing from a fixed platform in Bungee jumping India. It has a height of eighty three meters and is the highest in India. Only the truly adventurous and people with high guts can jump but the overall thrill is exhilarating. The jumper is fitted with a seat and chest harness and connected to the elastic cord that swings the person like a pendulum after the free fall.

Bungee Jumping in Mohan Chatti

Safety Measures

The safety of the adventurers is ensured with a team of technically qualified experts from New Zealand with years and years of experience, designing and watching over the activity. Highly experienced crew, best equipments in place and high level of training make for a fun and safe experience. The Australian and New Zealand Standards Authority for commercial operations in Bungee jumping are being incorporated to form standards for India.

bungee jumping in Rishikesh

The jumping heights site is located fifteen kilometers from Laxman Jhula near the village of Mohan Chatti and offers a picturesque landscape and a shallow river flowing beneath. The jumping is done from a cantilever platform and the jumpers are allowed to fall into the water and then are taken to a beach resort where they can see the photos and videos of their jumping and buy them. The minimum age for jumping is 12 years and is closed on Tuesdays.


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