Important Things to Remember While Planning a Rishikesh Water Rafting Trip

In the recent years river rafting has emerged as a prominent adventure activity enjoyed by countless people across the country. Even though there are several destinations in India where people can enjoy the activity, the experience offered by Rishikesh and Kolad river rafting is definitely the best. For that matter, Rishikesh offers the greatest diversity in terms of rafting experience, which why it is the most preferred destination for rafters from both India and abroad. For individuals intending to make the most of their Rishikesh water rafting trip, remembering the following things is of extreme importance.

rishikesh water rafting

  • There are no less than 108 rafting tour operators in Rishikesh, which makes it extremely easy to enjoy the sport at this destination. However, individuals need to choose their tour operator with much care and caution so as to avoid landing in any trouble.
  • For people who want to enjoy rafting in the least challenging manner, the bheemeshwari rafting stretch is just perfect while for great adventure seekers the stretches from Shivpuri to Rishikesh and Kaudiyala to Rishikesh are the best.

bheemeshwari rafting

  • For people planning a rafting trip around the weekend, it is advisable to make prior reservations with both the tour operators as well as for proper accommodation. Generally, weekends tend to bring in large crowds while weekdays are relatively more relaxed and even cheaper.
  • The Rishikesh rafting season is generally on for most of the year which is also why it is such a popular destination for enjoying this sport. However, it is still a better idea to make proper inquiries about the same prior to planning a trip to avoid any disappointments at a later stage.

kolad river rafting

  • Depending on the personal preferences and comfort level desired by individuals, there are diverse accommodation options available in Rishikesh. Travelers can choose to stay close to nature by opting for accommodation in beach camps along the shores of river Ganga or the more comfortable Jungle resorts and luxury hotels.

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