Kayak India: The Adventure Sport of the Century

Humans on Kayaks date a long way back. This has now become an adventure sport for those who love to play with and have the guts to face the strong current of the majestic and ever flowing rivers of India. If you want to compare the adventure and the thrill of this sport to anything, then the best comparison would be backpacking on a very rough terrain. Kayak India has evolved greatly and has attracted many tourists from home and abroad to its thrills and adventures.

Kayak India

There are many destinations in India, where you can go for Kayaking and Canoeing. Some of the places that we will be covering will be Goa, Bangalore and Kerala.

Beginning with Goa, it is a one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. It is famous for its beaches, culture and adventure sports. One of this adventure sport is Kayaking in Goa.The frothing waves of the sea in Goa is sure to make any enthusiast drool with its experience. Other than Kayaking, there are many other such sports in and around Goa.

Goa Kayaking Vasco da Gama

Now we come onto adventure sports in Bangalore. Bangalore is a famous IT hub but it is also a place around which there are perfect natural getaways. Bheemeshwari, Machinbele, Ramnagar, Makalidurga, Sawandurga etc. are some of the places where one can go for trekking, camping and kayaking in Bangalore. Out of these places, Sawandurga is a place that you can go for Kayaking, rapelling, zip line etc.

Kayaking in Kerala

Finally, we come on to the king of all the southern states when it comes to river bodies, Kerala. Kayaking in Kerala is one of the many water sports that go on in the area. The river bodies of this state are always overflowing with water and are waiting for tourists to come and enjoy.


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