Skiing In India: A Marvelous Experience in North India

India has variety of tourist spots for adventure seekers as it has diversified landscapes, such as Himalayan rugged mountain, beaches of south, deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Among the adventure sports which India offers, skiing has become very popular and attracts ski lovers from all over the world. Skiing is available only in north India as the snow and heights required for skiing are found in the range of Himalayan Mountains.

Skiing In India

Skiing In Kashmir

Some amazing places for skiing in India are:

  1. Gulmarg in Kashmir is considered as 7th best skiing location of Asia. It receives the heaviest snowfall in Himalayas in winter which is the best time for skiing with a delightful experience.
  1. Pahalgam in J&K – After Gulmarg the next best option for skiing is Pahalgam, Aru is the actual place near Pahalgam where skiing is available. The whole place is very magnificent providing the skiers as well as trekkers a most memorable experience.
  1. Manali in Himachal is most famous hill stations in north, which offers many adventure activities, Solang Valley is the place in Manali where skiing can be done in between the months of December and February. An annual skiing festival is also organized here which attracts many skiers.
  1. Kufri in Himachal is a small beautiful place for skiing near Shimla, which is best for skiing between Novembers to February months. Gentle slopes here are perfect for amateurs to learn.
  1. Narkanda is yet another great place for skiing in Himachal where skiing first started in 1980. The Place has different slopes for all level of skiers.
  1. Auli in Uttarakhand, on heights of Garhwal hills, is perfect location for ski lovers as it provides as long as 500 mts. ski stretches.
  1. Munsiyari in Uttarakhand is a high altitude region which provide apt steep slope for an expert level skiing.

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