Advice for Trekking in Himalayas with kids

Advice for Trekking in Himalayas with kids

Trekking in India

The Himalayas Trekking

None of us can deny the fact that trekking in Himalayas is one of the best experience any individual can have in the entire lifespan. But when you couple your trekking trip with your kids, there comes a sense of responsibility and authority. So, if you are planning for trekking in India along with your kids, make sure you follow the necessary precautions. Here is a list of advice which can help you in your endeavor:

  • Distance

Before you decide on the place where you wish to trek with your family and kids, make sure you are well aware with the actual heights and distances you are required to trek. The estimate of distance will help you in deciding whether the kids can actually remain comfortable or not.

  • Book a guide

It is always better to book a guide for your trekking experience with kids. The guide would be well aware with the treks and the different troubleshooting aspects associated with the treks. Thus he can serve as a helping hand.

Book a guide for Himalayas trekking

Book a guide for Himalayas trekking

  • Eatables and water

When kids are with you, packing extra food items like chips and snacks becomes a mandatory thing. The extra food items in the form of chips and biscuits can motivate them to trek the mountains with an inherent feeling of a picnic. The children get dehydrated very easily, so it is advisable for you to carry plenty of drinking water.

Eatables and water for trekking

Packing Food

  • Right boots

Make sure that you as well as your kids are equipped with a well fitted boot. The ill fitting boots can cause great harm to the foot restricting the movement and thus creating a great trouble in the middle of the trekking experience. Make sure you all walk together, matching the pace of the slowest walker in your family.

ill fitting boots for trekking

ill fitting boots for trekking

  • Regular halts

The kids get tired easily, so make sure you provide them with regular stoppages for resting as well as admiring the scenic views that follows the trail of the trek. While you rest, they can play some games and make the most of the trip.

Regular halts in treks

Halts in Treks


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