Top 6 tips for paintball in India

Top 6 tips for paintball in India

Paintball in India has become a huge obsession amongst the youth. Be it their birthday parties or some random Sunday meet, the one game which they love to indulge in is paintball in Gurgaon. You landed at this page, reflects you are searching for ways to improve upon your game. Read the tips mentioned below, they will improve your game and also do not call for any hefty investment or purchasing of new equipments.

paintball in gurgan

paintball in gurgan

The game of paintball is all about the right movements. Hence the first and the foremost tip is to learn how to move and when to move. Make sure you understand the importance of your movement.



Never take off that mask which is provided to you. Make this tip as your thumb rule. This mask is to protect your vision; in case you don’t wear the mask, the paintball can actually smash your eye.

Paintball Gun

Paintball Gun

Right clothes
Make sure you wear the darker clothes when playing paintball, the whiter clothes are way too bright and thus brighten up your chances of getting smashed in the game.


The right boots or shoes are important for providing you with a comfortable playing time. Wear either boots or your regular running shoes, whichever you prefer. The whole idea is that the shoes should be light and provide you with an excellent and the quick running experience.


Know your equipments
If you are aware with the fact that you can’t shoot well, then do enough practice before landing in the field. You should know your gun with which you are shooting in terms of its capacity. You must know the limitations of yourself as well as your equipments, to play a better game.

paintball in india

Plan a good strategy
If you have a good strategy and a good team backing you, none can stop you from winning the game. A good strategy is one where you all work together as a team and move in sync with each other so as to crush your competitor and emerge out as a winner.


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